Intentional Acupuncture - Positive energetic intention with every treatment
Acupuncture is a great way to complement your health care needs and get your body back in balance.  Acupuncture aids in moving the energy that circulates through your body which helps to increase the body's natural healing processes. 

Find a balance in your health by adding acupuncture to your care.

Dr. Amanda Kellar D.Ac., L.Ac, Dip.Ac.
248.931.6606 call or text
Appointments available:

Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday & Thursday
White Lake Chiropractic
7144 Highland Rd (M-59)
Waterford, MI  48327

Friday (By appointment only)
Best Impressions Hair and Nails
9230 Dixie Highway
Clarkston, MI  48348

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